I have put together the following list of resources and materials that will help students succeed in their academic and professional endeavors. Please click the associated links for further information about each resource.

Undergraduate Toolkit

The following resources provide excellent tips and examples for undergraduates just beginning their academic journeys, as well as good reminders for students at every stage of their education. 

How to Write Papers Good”, Michael Berheide:

Does A Cause B?”, Michael Berheide: 

I highly recommend all my undergraduate students read these two short and humorous pieces (the first for sure) written by my former professor at Berea College.


Ten Writing Tips for Undergraduates, Walden University: 


Purdue Writing Lab, Purdue University: 

University of Kentucky Resources

The following services and resources are available to the University of Kentucky students to provide both academic and nonacademic assistance throughout their careers at the UK. 

The Robert E. Hemenway Writing Center, University of Kentucky:

Center for English as a Second Language, University of Kentucky: 

Counseling Center, University of Kentucky:

 University of Kentucky International Center:

 Academic Coaching, University of Kentucky:

 Big Blue Food Pantry, University of Kentucky :

 Disability Resource Center, University of Kentucky:

 University of Kentucky Campus Housing, University of Kentucky:

 Office of LGBTQ* Resources, University of Kentucky:

 Stuckert Career Center, University of Kentucky:

 Veterans Resource Center, University of Kentucky:

The Martin Luther King Center (MLKC), University of Kentucky:   

Violence Intervention and Prevention (VIP) Center, University of Kentucky: 

First-Generation Student Services, University of Kentucky: 

Center for Equality and Social Justice, University of Kentucky: 

Student well-being resources, University of Kentucky: 

Center for Support and Intervention, University of Kentucky: 

Resources for Non-traditional Students:

Nontraditional Students in Kentucky:

 Association for Nontraditional Students in Higher Education (ANTSHE):